My name is Richard.
As a kid I wanted to become a truck driver. So I drew endlessly trucks and cars. During primary school I kept on drawing, decorating the answers of my school tests with illustrations. In high school it became clear that I wanted to be an artist. At 17 I entered Art school as a student of free art, making paintings and sculptures, however illustration and design slowly started growing on me. When, with a loan of my parents, I bought my first iMac, I entered a new fase. Adobe Illustrator gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills by endlessly practicing on shadow assignments. This was a definite bye bye to me becoming an artist. I started to make flyers for clubs and seeing my print work all around the city of Amsterdam really gave me a kick! That lead to more serious assignments such as making logos and house styles for various companies and festivals. In 2002 I moved to Italy doing design work in all sorts of variations, from advert-games to house styles and anything in between. I learned the language and enjoyed ‘la dolce vita’ together with Sara, who I can now proudly call my wife. In 2007 we moved to Amsterdam. Here we started IN Produktie combining her management skills with my design talents, serving businesses of different size and nature. For a TV production company I‘ve worked as motion graphic designer and that has brought me later on to work as creative production manager for the marketing and communication design in-house agency of a large CE company. Nowadays I’m seeking collaboration with companies looking for support in graphic design, illustration, art direction, creative direction, communication design, brand identity, production and creative coaching.
I never had the possibility to drive a big truck into the sunset as I hoped to do being a kid. However the endless drawing and designing of my dreams made me explore my talents and develop a variety of skills that I use in my assignments making sure the horizon is never the same.

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My name is Sara.

I'm originally from Firenze (Italy), a place rich of history, art, sun and good food. For my education I've chosen economics, dance and theatre. Since my studies, I've combined entrepreneurial drive, analitical and organizational skills with the love for creative processes and performing art. Naturally, I've followed a professional career that has led me to creative sectors, such as dance, design and education. The collaboration with large international companies has moreover given me the chance to learn how to navigate within corporate environments and deal with complex projects and multiple stakeholders. In the past years, while supporting the growth of several creative teams and managing their delivery programs, I've gained experience in personal and team coaching. It is fascinating to observe people reaching their potentials and it is rewarding to facilitate team maturity. Those progresses have a direct influence on meaningful creation, effective execution and rapid response to clients and markets. Essential objectives for nowadays companies to have a positive impact on people's lives and remain sustainable. As Professional Scrum Master, I've found in the implementation of the Scrum framework the answer to the need of simplicity, agility and efficiency that more and more companies, communities and people are asking for. I'm looking forward to supporting new initiatives, teams, projects, programs and businesses with knowledge, experience and drive.

Here below the links to my résumé and my linkedin page. To know more and discuss collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Address: Helmholtzstraat 13, 1098LC Amsterdam

Email: info@inproduktie.com

Phone: +31 6 1594 2729

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